About us

About Novum Pharma

Novum Pharma is a multinational company selling in over 60 countries throughout the world. Our aim is to develop quality products for OTC Healthcare under our own brands. We travel all over the world to seek innovated products and implement them in our own business portfolio. Every aspect of our products and brands are managed by Novum Pharma itself.

Whether it is production or distribution, we do everything in house. Our creative Marketing and Design team is a key factor in the success of Novum Pharma as well as our determination of moving our business forward.


Novum Pharma is not an entrepreneurial business but an entrepreneur itself. We have great capabilities and competencies to act fast and secure on global market changes. Besides honoring our core values we are constantly focused on opening new markets and utilize opportunities that come across. We will keep on doing this based on the newest medical and technological insights available.



We expect healthcare in the future will even fulfill a more prominent role in people’s lives. Themes like ‘prevention’ and ‘sports’ become more and more important in our society. Governments need to support this to lower or sustain the costs for healthcare. Novum Pharma therefore mainly develops quality products for self care. Our products nowadays are  available in 60 countries across the world and we are aiming to serve 95% of the world by the year 2025.

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